What Kills What Without Much Loss

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What Kills What Without Much Loss

Post by ViperCiamiK on Fri Nov 28, 2008 1:44 pm


1. Heavy Cruisers -kills- Fighters

2. Battleships -kills- Destroyers, Corvettes, Bombers, Fighters, few Heavy Bombers

3. Battleships+Fighters -kills- Frigates

4. Fighters -kills- Shieldless ships, shieldless turrets.
(And when Thousands they can kill Cruisers, Carriers and Ion turrets.)

5. Fighters, destroyer -kills- Cruisers, Carriers, Ion Turrets, Heavy Cruiser, Photon turrets easily. Can possible kill Disruptor turrets if using many thousands destroyers and thousands of fighters and have level 20 plasma.

6. Some very good fleet compositions are following: *Heavy cruisers can be subsituted for cruisers but you will loose a little more against some situations but you will do better if the enemy is heavy on Fighters* Also you must combine both if you don't have enough firepower to kill in one blow

A.Fighters, bombers, corvettes, destroyers and cruiser can kill most everything. Sometimes bombers can't be used since lack hangar space and the savings is small.

B.Fighters Destroyers Cruisers also kills most everything is more heavy on power than saving on lost of ships but is almost same savings as above. Advantage is less damage from fighter traps.

C.Fighters Cruisers almost immune to fighter traps but takes more damage when fighting.

7. Requires lots of Cruisers for P ring(about 600 per 5) and Disruptor turrets(about 200 per 5) Deflection shields(about 400 per 5) and P shields ( about 1200 per 5) less if you have level 20 plasma, and use ion frigates or heavy cruisers when trying to kill a titan.


8. If attack Bombers/Heavy bombers use minimum amount of Fighters untill they are killed.

EXAMPLE: 40 Heavy bombers power 15 armor 8 only take 80 fighters with power 4 armor 4 but if you send in 150 fighters or more 150 will die as kills are calculated as instant shoots from both sides. You loose extra 70 fighters by over killing Heavy bombers.

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Re: What Kills What Without Much Loss

Post by Eon on Thu Mar 05, 2009 4:03 am

What turrets kill

Ion Turret kills 6 Cruisers, more if you have Fighters.

Photon Turret kills 13 Cruisers, 6 Heavy Cruisers or 1 Battleship.

Disruptor Turret kills 52 Cruisers, 24 Heavy Cruisers or 7 Battleships.

A little Turret Info

It takes 12 fighters to kill a Barrack
It takes 23 fighters to kill a Laser Turret
It takes 45 fighters to kill a Missile Turret
It takes 67 fighters to kill a Plasma Turret

So never build Barrack or Laser Turret do not build any more than one Missile Turret or Plasma Turret as they are just stop gaps while your building up your base.
I normally only build photons and above on my new bases.

Here is why turrets are good.
if 70 Fighters attack a plasma turret, the turret dies and 21 fighters are left
if 70 Fighters attack a ion turret, the turret drops to 4.44 / 5 and 13 fighters are left
(this shows what shields do)
An Ion turret can take out 6 cruisers, more if you have fighter as cover. (do not build more than 2)
A Photon turret can take out 13 cruisers, or 6 Heavy Cruisers or 1 Battleship (do not build more than 4)
A Disruptor turret can take out 52 cruisers, or 24 Heavy Cruisers or 7 Battleship
A Planetary Ring can take out 304 cruisers, or 152 Heavy Cruisers or 56 Battleship or 12 Dreads or 3 Titans

Ion = 256 and kills 1,200 in Cruisers
Photon = 1024 and kills 3,000 in Heavy Cruisers
Disruptor = 4096 and kills 14,000 in Battleships
Planetary Rings = 50K and kills 150k in Titans
So you see turrets are worth it .

Number of Fighter you should have at your bases per turret
Ion turret = 200
Photon Turret = 1000
Disruptor = 2000 (good to have 4-10 turrets)
P Rings = 10k for the first and 5k more per Ring (Good to have 2+)

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